About Summerview Homes

Summerview Homes was founded by Carlos and Danny Neta in 2007. Between the two of them, they have over 40 years of home building experience in the Winnipeg area. This wealth of knowledge and experience allows Summerview Homes to work with you to take your custom dream home from a vision into reality.

The Summerview Advantage

     The answer is simple: we care. Your new home is the investment of a lifetime and Summerview Homes treats it that way. We build your house with the care you would expect of your life’s greatest investment. Summerview Homes is a small builder with a big reputation – for us, each house is special and that’s how we build.

     Carlos Neta got his start as a framer and has built a reputation for unparalleled craftsmanship. Over the decades, he and Danny have worked with countless suppliers and tradespeople in the area, so you can have faith knowing that only quality products and workmanship will go into your home.

Summerview Homes takes a personal hands-on approach with all of our projects – no matter how big or small. Carlos and Danny are not just salespeople; they are the owners, project managers, and foremen overseeing the construction of your home at every step.

Quality Inside and Out

From the ground up, we build your home with great care and quality inside and out. Our suppliers are personally selected for their superior products, service and craftsmanship.  Summerview Homes is a true believer in Quality over Quantity. 

The Customer Experience

With Summerview Homes, your home-building experience will be a personal one. We go beyond your average builder-purchaser relationship. You will meet directly with the owners of the company who personally oversee every step of the building process. We provide a personal relationship to make sure you have peace of mind throughout the entire experience.

    Our first step is a consultation to meet you, our client, and gather ideas about your dream home. From choosing your lot to the finishing details, we will work together to ensure we come up with the right design for you and your budget.  Since we care about our relationship with you, we will be in regular contact throughout the building process. We’re not just here to build your house – we want to make it an enjoyable experience from start to finish!

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